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Flip Addiction Out of The Criminal Justice System and Into The Primary Care System! USA, we arrest a user every 25 seconds. Seattle Never. Portugal Never. Users Rights are Human Rights in Portugal.

Portugal OD Deaths down 90% in 6 years. 1999 – 400 Deaths. 2007 – 13 Deaths. 2018 – 34 Deaths. Treatment Not Jail! It does not make sense to put sick people in jail and fine them and give them a record. Stop Arresting Users and Get Them Help Early On! It Works! The Numbers Don’t Lie.

Portugal invites users into treatment. 83% Accept Treatment. Only 5% return before the Dissuasion Commission.

Silent Screams Song
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Architect Of Portugal Flip.

How to do the Portugal Flip

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Dan Schneider, The Pharmacist, from the Netflix Series
The Pharmacist introduces the USA FLIP – Treatment Not Jail. To FLIP Addiction From The Criminal Justice System To The Primary Care System.
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John Shinholser

Founder of the McShin Foundation.

Introduces the USA FLIP

Interview with the Police Chief of Police Of Porto, Portugal
The Portugal Model’s Success! “Drug consumers are not criminals. They need our care”
How Purdue Pharma Did It – The 1% lie.

The March To Purdue Pharma 8/17/18

By Brett Meyer – Needles In The Hay

How The Epidemic Started
This is how the Epidemic started. A substantial proportion of overall opioid exposure in young people occurs in the dental setting! An icepack and Tylenol are all that is needed.
Christina Dent

End the War on Drugs for Good!

Best video on the epidemic.

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The Portugal Love Song – Johan Hari
Everything you think you knew about addiction is wrong!
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Oregon Might Be The First State To Decriminalize Drugs
Criminalization of simple drug possession of small amounts of all drugs by changing the penalties from felonies and misdemeanors to a $100 administrative fine. The initiative would also use excess tax money from the sale of legal marijuana to fund a new drug treatment, recovery and harm reduction program outside of the criminal justice system. The fine could be waived if the recipient chooses to undergo a voluntary treatment assessment under the new system. Taken from the successful Portugal Model.
Needle Exchange Bill in Florida
Dr. Hansel Tookes has been pushing for needle exchange access in Florida for years. The Florida Legislature has approved a bill that will allow the expansion of needle exchanges throughout Florida.
John Shinholser Talks On Portugal Flip
Discussing needed changes to our flawed national recovery and drug policies.
COAT (Community Overdose Action Team)

Using a Command Center Approach In Dayton, Ohio To Combat Overdose Deaths. From the Overdose Capital To An Epidemic Leader.

Used Needles Found in Startbucks Bathrooms Video
How safe are we in public bathrooms during the opioid epidemic?
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Safe Injection Sites Video
Safe Injection Sites: A Radical New Approach To Battling Addiction in U.S.
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Orange County News Story
Here’s how prosecution of drug charges is treated differently in Orange County… news story
Richard Branson on Drug Policy
Time for a fresh start in drug policy ~ Richard Branson
Needles in the Hay
Needles in the Hay official trailer video about prescription written for Opioids in America
Needles in the Hay_video
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The Sackler's – The Family That Built An Empire On Pain
The Sackler's bought everyone. Doctor's, Dentists, Hospitals, Medical Schools, Universities, The FDA, Politicians and the DEA. “In terms of narcotic firepower, OxyContin was a nuclear weapon.”
Purdue Pharma Official Video
Purdue Pharma Official Video
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